by example.
Working together to make us better.
Your vision, our innovation.
Your success is
our success.
Do what we say, say what we do.
Deliver reliably with exceptional service.
Be curious.
Be relevant. Think globally.
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Conlog believes in seeing and doing things differently, driving a culture that inspires you to do “that little extra”, and together, effectively provide services to utilities. It does this by focusing on what matters to you most: more challenging work that meaningfully impacts the company’s success, more training and investment into you, with more opportunity to grow within the Conlog Group.
Conlog’s fast-moving, fast-paced culture motivates you to become the best version of yourself: more brave, more curious and more open, while having more fun!

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Next Generation

Meet the students that are part of our current Learnership Programme.
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Jerusalema Challenge

Conlog South Africa Jerusalema Challenge
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60th Anniversary

Conlog Nigeria Jerusalema Challenge
Our Values
• Every person at Conlog sets an example for their colleagues
• We do more and talk less – actions speak louder than words
• Leaders take great responsibility for their role, and act always, in a way that
• they would want every employee to act
• We lead fairly and treat people with respect
When we work together we achieve more
• We are open, straightforward and honest
• Every employee is part of the team and we are inclusive in our outlook
• To grow, evolve, adapt and change, we need to work together to make us better
• By working together with our customers, suppliers and communities, we learn, and improve
At Conlog, people do what they say, and say what they do
• We take accountability and ownership
• We are open, straightforward, honest and transparent
• For our clients, we do not make empty promises. We deliver on our promises and speak the truth
Our promise to our customers is to deliver our products and solutions reliably and with exceptional service
• In our own work, we deliver our work reliably and with the same exceptional service to our colleagues as we do to our customers
Innovation is part of our DNA
• We understand our clients’ needs and vision, and we innovate solutions with excellence to fulfil their needs (customer-centric solutions)
• Innovation at Conlog starts with being curious. We think, design and make.
The wellbeing and happiness of each employee contributes to our overall success
• People are our greatest asset; we want them to be inspired and engaged, to succeed and grow
• Delivering effective solutions to our clients, enables our success
• We strive for our products and solutions to in turn deliver success for our customers
We challenge and ask questions, we are not robots
• We encourage curiosity and asking “WHY”?
• We think beyond the task
• We use our creativity, innovation and act with bold ambition
• We learn, explore, interrogate and seek to understand. We are sponges
• We explore and seek positive change
We are curious. So, we seek to gain knowledge, insights and experience from global markets. But we use these with relevance locally
• As employees we seek to broaden our understanding beyond our task, project or market and learn from knowing more. Always with the intention to improve the current task, project or market with best practice
• We strive and work toward a new and innovative future, without losing sight of current realities
• We are courageous and brave in our global expansion
Our Testimonials

Very satisfied Conlog client

“Good Day to you Selvan
A VERY big thank you to you for all your efforts it is greatly appreciated. Yes I have had feedback & a house call from Rajesh Surji from the municipality this morning bright & early.

After an evaluation from him he says that he strongly believes that we are directly connected to the pole & receiving electricity free of charge with no worry of running at a low supply.

I am not an expert but I highly doubt that as it has been ages since the municipal guys last came out to rectify a complaint but nonetheless I have stopped using my geyser in order to preserve units that were last loaded on the 13/06/17. I was also able to log my connection fault yesterday & furnished Rajesh with my reference number which he said he will follow up on.

May I just again reiterate my sincerest gratitude to you & the Conlog team that not only contacted and tried to assist me but went the extra mile to see how further you Sir could assist me regarding my enquiry by sending someone in the municipality to look into my issue.

Thank you Sir. There are very few people left who go to the extent that you have gone with customer service even to the extent of it being out of your portfolio.

You have gone beyond your call of duty & as a citizen I would like to truly acknowledge your dedication to service excellence.

May you continue to prosper & excell in all you put your hands & heart to do.”

– December 5, 2017

Meet Some People

I joined Conlog as a contract worker, and it was a year I graduated receiving a National Diploma in Public Management in MUT. From the Production Department, I have moved different ranks within the business. My first move was within the Logistics Department as an administrator, standing in for a lady that was on maternity leave. When I moved from being an administrator temp, it was either staying at home or taking the Data Capturer position in Customer Repairs. Within the logistics department , I received a permanent job of being Repairs Technical Administrator, which was the most significant achievement for me at the time. I worked there for years and climbing that ladder seemed impossible. I decided to further my studies; I did specialist Project Management with DUT and further did a Bachelor's Degree in Management. When I felt that there was no longer any further growth for me at Conlog, I received a promotion, becoming an Annuity Controller. Within six months, I was further promoted to being a SED Coordinator. Little did I know that the position was preparing me for my current position as Business and Transformations Manager.

Our Key Development Initiatives
Leadership Development Academy
Professional Skills Academy

Operational Development

Team Effectiveness


Our Skills Development Achievements
Conlog identifies and deploys development programs for future leaders and through enriching student lives by providing bursaries.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a business practice that involves participating in initiatives that benefit society. CSR is a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. Conlog exercises CSR by contributing to educational development and social programs.We are proud to invest in grass root programs that make a difference to the lives of our society. Social upliftment and social development for sustainability are key pillars that Conlog focuses on, that show that We Care.