Conlog launches the iDM.Hydra at the Vuka Water Demand Management webinar

Conlog was recently invited to present at an informative webinar hosted by Vuka, outlining the various benefits of Water Demand Management. During this event, we introduced our latest innovation, the iDM.Hydra. This cutting-edge Water Demand Management (WDM) solution delivers holistic and comprehensive water management, with various key features to unlock efficiency and effective water conservation.

One of the key topics covered during the event was how the iDM.Hydra empowers consumers to embrace responsible water usage. By providing real-time data on water consumption, consumers can monitor and adjust their usage to ensure efficient water management.

Addressing the growing concern of droughts and water scarcity, the launch event emphasised the practical uses of the WDM system. The iDM.Hydra offers sophisticated tools for monitoring, detecting leaks and controlling water flow remotely. During drought periods, this smart device plays a crucial role in optimising water allocation, identifying excessive usage and minimising wastage, ensuring that water resources are used responsibly.

Attendees were also enlightened about the improved efficiency achieved through accurate billing and management of free basic water. By leveraging advanced technology, the iDM.Hydra ensures that customers receive accurate bills based on their actual consumption, promoting trust and fairness in the billing process. Moreover, it enables utilities to effectively manage the distribution of free basic water to those who need it most, improving access to this vital resource for all.

The highlight of the launch event was the introduction of the Conlog iDM.Hydra itself. This smart WDM solution boasts state-of-the-art capabilities, including real-time flow control, precise leak detection and remote management features. With a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing systems, the iDM.Hydra is sure to revolutionise Water Demand Management in South Africa and beyond.

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