Loyalty, dedication & growth: Selvan Govender celebrates 40 years of service at Conlog

Our esteemed FGS Supervisor, Selvan Govender, has reached an incredible milestone – 40 years of service at Conlog. We are incredibly proud to have Selvan as one of our treasured team members and look forward to many more years of working side by side with him. 

Selvan first joined Conlog back in 1978 as a General Operator in the Systems Department, but soon resigned to pursue another opportunity. His journey truly started in 1983, when he accepted a position as a Storeman, and the rest – as they say – is history. 

Over the next four decades, Selvan worked his way up the Conlog ladder, eventually being promoted to his current role as FGS Supervisor. Throughout this time, Conlog supported his growth and development by giving him the freedom to lead his team, including him in decision-making and allowing him to present his own ideas, and building skills in lean manufacturing, going green, root cause analysis and more.  

But Selvan didn’t only stay at Conlog for the incredible opportunities available to him – his colleagues became friends, and he grew to love the Conlog family and the company as a whole. Surrounded by long-term friends, Selvan says that Conlog creates a supportive and encouraging environment, which motivates him and his team members to give their best each and every day.  

Naturally, Selvan witnessed some impressive changes in the company over the last 40 years. Chief amongst these is the ongoing digital transformation, moving from cardex to computers, landlines to cell phones, physical files to cloud-based systems, and in-office work to remote work during the pandemic. He has also watched the company grow, building a culturally diverse team while constantly expanding into new international markets.  

Looking back, Selvan sees being promoted from Storeman to Supervisor as one of his proudest achievements, alongside all the acquisitions he was a part of. He is very happy and content with his current role, and is working towards a well-deserved retirement.