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Conlog is a global leader in metering solutions for utilities, municipalities, and property management companies with a footprint spanning South Africa, South America, the Middle East and Africa at large, having sold to over 90 Utilities that are benefiting from our offering. Conlog has also installed over 10 million smart meters to households around the world, making Conlog the largest installed base.

Conlog’s smart meters aid its customers in Utility Management, Revenue Protection, Load Management and Demand Management with a solid focus on Big Data Analytics and Smart City Solutions.

Choosing to use Conlog’s Smart Metering Solutions is choice to partner with the World’s best.


Conlog smart meters range from single phase to three phase meters as well as wireless solutions. The meters are particularly favourable for those who seek to manage their energy consumption, track data consumption and create new strategies to use energy more efficiently.


Conlog platform offerings comprises the Revenue Management Software, AMI, and Business Solutions. The platforms enable you to manage your Vending Architecture effectively and efficiently.


Conlog’s professional services comprises of core components, all of which are focussed on ensuring the success of our customers’ solutions: Advisory, Optimisation, Project execution and Support.


Conlog was established in 1965 specialising in the field of Electronics Design. Since inception and through its pioneering spirit, Conlog has retain its leadership position in the industry while maintaining relevance in the market Throughout its history, Conlog has continuously provided innovative technological solutions to everyday challenges.

During the 1960’s, Conlog focused predominantly on the industrial sector specialisation mainly manufacturing Monitoring Devices and alarms systems. In the 1970’s, Conlog expanded its focus to incorporate Automotive and Control devices. Diversifying into the Lighting, Automotive alarms and Cruise-Control, came in the 1980’s for Conlog where significant inroads into Electricity Prepayment were achieved later in the decade. With success and excellence in all the technological innovation industries and decades of diversification, Conlog made the determination to specialise in Electricity Prepayment Solutions.

For over 20 years Conlog has specialised in Prepaid solutions and has garnered presence in more than 20 Countries and a footprint spanning 4 Continents. Conlog boasts the world’s largest base of Smart Meters and Prepaid Solutions with over 90 Utilities using Conlog’s metering solutions and thousands of vending units installed globally as well as more than 400 Revenue Management Systems internationally and in South Africa.

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Conlog was established in 1965 as an electronics design company. Throughout our history, we have continuously provided innovative solutions to everyday challenges. Our pioneering spirit has enabled us to retain our position of leadership in the industry and has helped us stay relevant to the market….

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